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Sunday, 31 July 2011

Ahlebait Islamic Society

            The Jammu & Kashmir state of India is known throughout the world  as the area where people of all religions live in peace and age old religious harmony, all the religions enjoy total freedom of practicing their religion without any objection or restriction from any quarter may it be the government of the country or other religious faiths. Bathindi area in the Jammu province of the state is situated at a distance of about 6 KM from Jammu city towards Narwal and is inhabited primarily by the believers of Islam. Due to the turmoil arising out of the menace of militancy and border shelling by Pakistan in border areas a major chunk of affected people have migrated and settled down in this area and they live in a congenial atmosphere with the local population here. People belonging to Ladakh region i.e. Leh and Kargil, Poonch, Doda, Baderwah, Srinagar and its adjoining areas have built their residential houses here and live here permanently. Apart from this many families from Kashmir,Doda, Baderwah,Poonch,Leh,Kargil and other areas of the J&K state migrate to this place during winter months and stay here for around six months.and maximum boys and girls of hilly and remote area are heading hear 
            In order to channelize  the youth into the mainstream and to  utilize properly  the time of both the migratory and settled population establishment of a  library cum maktab was felt necessary, where people can acquire religious knowledge as well as current affair news free of cost from learned scholars and Ulemas (Molanas) and children can be given basic knowledge according to their faith may it be according to Shia or Sunni Schools of thought as the Ulemas of both Shia and Sunni faiths shall be delivering lectures.
          The society shall be an autonomous body and shall have no affiliation with any political party or organization within the state or outside, however it might go into affiliation with non political entities and organization of its kind who are working in the fields of education and social welfare.
 ·        The Ahlebait Islamic Society shall be working according to the teachings of Holly Quran and Ahlebait (A.S.) towards building broken bridges between the various sects of Islam particularly between Shia and Sunnis and other like minded sects.
·        To strengthen bonds between like minded sects of Islam and other faiths by providing relevant literature.
·        To provide a common platform for Shias and Sunnis.
·        To Preach and teach religious harmony among Hindus and Muslims.
·        Deliver free basic Islamic knowledge to children and to teach Holly Quran.
·        Help poor/deserving and destitute students to continue their studies.
·        Sponsor orphans affected by the menace of  militancy.
·        To provide news papers and other relevant literature.     

·        To establish a full fledged library and maktab for both Shia and Sunnis.
·        To construct a larger library hall/ class rooms and residential rooms or Ulemas/Molanas (Religious Scholars).
·        To extend propagational tours & hold more education & religious conferences at larger scales.
·        To convene lectures/speeches of scholars about the life and principles of the Holly Ahlebait (A.S.).
·        Publish books and other material for propagation by helping deserving writers.
·        Multimedia and internet facilities shall be made available.